Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleeper coach

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Monday, April 4, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 final winner india April 2, 2011 after celebr...

We had a round up through Bangalore city after india's historic win over Sri Lanka in world cup cricket 2011 finals. Yes!! It was amazing!! its called true celebration....unlimited joy...unlimited madness... and of course unlimited majaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Asees's trick to make his phone busy

It was a while i noticed asees's Phone is always busy whenever i tried to call him over.
Normally he is not engaged on phone for hours and to my knowledge he, is not hooked up with anyone.
So i was just wondering what makes him so busy on phone.

Once i visited him on  a Sunday as i was free and i was talking to him by standing in front of the flat where he occupied a rented apartment.Suddenly two guys stopped their bike and asked to asees" sir, How much is the rent you are looking for this apartment?".
I was just confused as i know there is no vacant room in the flat and nobody is going to vacate shortly.
Suddenly i noticed a TO LET  board hanging on the gate with asees Phone number.

Asees told the guys that there is no vacant room now and they left.
I asked him why he is still keeping the board there on the gate as there i no vacant room in the flat.
Then asees disclosed the secret behind it.

Once there was a vacant room in the flat, the owner of the flat asked asees to handle the queries that comes in regarding the room. He was too old to manage all this. So he gave advertisement with asees phone number and hung a TO LET board with asees's number on the gate also. So he used to get many calls daily especially  from ladies. As he is free he used to talk to them and was having nice time.

Recently the room filled and asees become free. So whenever he feel boredom or need to talk to some ladies, he will keep the TO LET board on the gate and he will be busy from next moment onwards.

Hows it ???